Salco 5-Axis CNC Machining Center

Introducing our new 5-axis CNC machining center

The latest addition to Salco’s machine portfolio is the Haas UMC-500 5-axis CNC machining center. It is a perfect solution for the 3+2 and simultaneous 5-axis machining of smaller parts. In addition, their shorter travels and compact footprints make them optimal for multi-sided and complex processes. In this article, we introduce our new Lights-Out machining service and the associated new hardware.

The acronym comes from the words Computer Numerical Control. It is a machine tool that emerged in the 1970s and is particularly suited to the mass production of more complex, detailed parts. This technology allows products to be manufactured with consistent quality, even in large quantities, while reducing production time and meeting deadlines. There is probably no industry today that does not use CNC machine tools for more complex production processes.

 Salco’s newest 5-axis CNC machining center

5-axis machining is an effective tool for reducing setup times and increasing accuracy on versatile and complex workpieces. The shorter tool paths and compact footprint make the Haas UMC-500 Series Universal Machining Centers the perfect solution for 3+2 machining and simultaneous 5-axis machining of smaller workpieces.

The UMC-500 features:

• High-speed tool changer
• Fast swivel table to reduce cycle times and increase productivity
• 5-axis simultaneous machining capabilities
• High performance in-line direct-drive spindle
• Wireless intuitive measuring system

The CNC machining centers also have an MRZP. Machine rotary zero points is a 2-axis intersection explaining where the tilt platter is in space.

The 16-position pallet storage option is designed for high-volume production and unattended operation. This production solution is ideal for very mixed, small-volume workpieces, as the user can assign a specific workpiece program to each pallet. Each time a pallet is placed in the machining area, the control automatically calls up the assigned workpiece program.

The UMC-500 Haas 5-axis has a tooling ball. The tooling ball is long enough to clear from splinder centerline front to the side of the splinder head. Therefore, it can be seen as an interesting concept for the CNC machining center.

What is 5-axis machining?

Modern machining tools, such as the Haas UMC-500, have multiple axes. For example, in what is called 5-axis full or simultaneous machining, three linear and two rotary axes move simultaneously to interpolate complex machining surfaces.

Inside the UMC-500 5-axis, the CNC machining center is the dynamic work offsets. This 3+2 machining is software that features Haas control. As a result, it makes 4 – 5 axis jobs as easy as setting up a 3 – axis machine.

One of the biggest advantages of the UMC-500 hardware is that its operation can be either 3+2 axis and 5-axis in a simultaneous manner. This enables our team to switch to the necessary and most optimal working process. The innovative 5-axis positioning uses the fourth and fifth axes to move the tool into position rather than guiding it throughout the machining process.

The Haas 5-axis performs like a champ. The skills of talented job quoting, manufacturing, and quality control groups will avoid having pallets of shiny non-conforming hardware—a perfect machine for the CNC machine center.

In what industries should 5-axis machining be used?

5-axis machining allows for

the manufacturing of complex parts and is therefore particularly popular in the aerospace, automotive (molds for car parts), and medical industries. Typical parts can be almost anything from medical prosthetics to structural aircraft parts.

What are the main advantages of 5-axis machining?

Full or simultaneous 5-axis machining offers users several benefits:
• First, 5-axis machining allows complex parts to be machined in one setup with a single CNC program – significantly increasing efficiency by reducing machining and cycle times. This is referred to as done-in-one machining.
• In addition, 5-axis machining results in less time and effort required for setup preparation. Ultimately, a 5-axis machine means a faster return on investment and higher profitability for the user.
• Finally, 5-axis machining also guarantees higher part accuracy because the part does not have to pass through multiple workstations where each reclamping can dramatically reduce accuracy. For example, a valve block can be machined from five sides, reducing overall cycle time and improving part accuracy.


Modern technology enables lights out manufacturing

Precision machining companies such as Salco and other manufacturers employ a method called lights out machining. Automation describes the utilization of machinery and processes that require little human intervention. Automation allows for continued operation outside of normal business hours and even overnight, resulting in increased productivity even after workers and employees have gone home.

In precision machining, human intervention is required during the design phase and when adjustments to the machine setup are necessary. As the operator’s presence is not required when producing multiple parts of the same design, precision machining can continue unattended during off-hours.

CNC machinery optimized for lights-out operations must have bar feeders or multiple pallets. Salco’s new UMC-500 equipment can also run when normal company operations are shut down, and the lights are normally off.

What advantages does lights-out machinery offer our customers?

Since no continuous monitoring is required, lights out manufacturing have several benefits to our clients:

• With lights-out machining, machines can continue to operate for extended periods without human intervention, even 24 hours a day. Customers interested in large quantities will benefit from faster shipping – through increased productivity and output.
• Whenever possible, lengthy processing operations can be performed during “lights out” hours, allowing our staff to focus on more complex tasks.
• Optimizing the workforce enables Salco to open towards the most innovative requests while also maintaining its current price structure for the long run.

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