CNC Lathe Services

Salco Global  offers precision state of the art 2 to 9 axis CNC lathe capabilities. We specialize in close tolerance precision turned parts with live tooling and sub spindle capabilities that meets or exceeds customer’s quality standards/expectations. 1 of our 13 specialized CNC Lathes is sure to meet your needs.

Salco can meet most any type of production quantities from 1 piece prototypes to 250,000 production requirements

Salco has decades of experience working with a wide range of domestic and exotic materials.

Aluminum - Brass - Beryllium Copper - Castings Aluminum / Stainless Steel - Inconel - Plastics all types - Stainless Steels all grades - Monel - MU - Titanium

CNC Lathe Services Machining

Custom CNC Lathe Turning

CNC lathe turned parts are built for many different sectors such as telecommunications, electronics, marine, automotive, medical and aerospace manufacturing.These turned parts can be made with different types of materials such as stainless steel and titanium at extremely tight tolerances. 

Machined components, also known as turned parts, are built by a process called turning done with a CNC milling machine. CNC turning allows for advanced features and design. The turning process creates turned components with dimension and depth and is also cost-effective.  

The process of the CNC turning is completed using a CNC machine. This machine is called CNC lathe which can feature multi-spindles that can work with various workpieces together at a high production rate. We have 13 specialized CNC lathes with different capabilities to meet your production needs. CNC Lathes are great for everything from high-volume manufacturing to rapid prototyping since they can easily be set up for high repeatability.