CNC Milling

Salco Global offers precision state of the art 3 to 5 axis CNC Milling capabilities. We specialize in extremely-close tolerance CNC milling, meaning our products are almost guaranteed to meet or exceed your quality and accuracy expectations. We have ten individual CNC milling machines in our CNC machine shop, and we can promise you that at least one has the specifications you and your prototype will need.

We at Salco can handle any order quantity, from as many as 250,000 individual parts to a single, precision-milled prototype. We have decades of experience working in the CNC milling industry and are more than happy to put that vast expertise to work for you. Over the years, we've worked with dozens of different materials, from domestic to exotic, including the following popular materials:

Aluminum - Brass - Beryllium Copper - Castings Aluminum / Stainless Steel - Inconel - Plastic (all types) - Stainless Steel (all grades) - Monel - MU - Titanium

CNC Milling Machine

In the CNC milling process, we are here to ensure you always get the best quality products possible from our machines. To help make that happen, we begin our process by carefully checking the schematics of each new part we are awarded. During our check, we make sure each schematic, and subsequently each part, is produced for the best quality and peak manufacturing efficiency possible.

Salco carefully engineers each part to by way of our integrated job travelers designed for each operation of your part. In conjunction with the job traveler, a quality plan is included throughout the manufacturing process for your custom parts.

Salco is ISO 9001 Compliant, which means that we adhere to strict standards when milling your parts, and that we have been proven to consistently provide superior service. We also require 1st article Inspection, in process inspection through SPC (Statistical Process Control) and final inspection throughout each operation.

All parts we manufacture are checked post-milling to ensure their integrity, and to check whether or not they meet our strict quality standards. Should we find a potential defect or inaccuracy in your part, we will go back and reevaluate our machine's operation before milling the rest of your batch. We do this before and after each process in the your product's stage of development, to ensure a smooth and on-time delivery in the future. At Salco, we don't tolerate poor quality or inaccuracies in our machined parts, and we know you don't either.

We have 10 specialized CNC mills, each geared to fit a certain operation or to create a certain kind of part. This specialization grants us the ability to machine a huge variety of CNC parts. These machines create parts and prototypes for a wide variety of industries, including transportation, agricultural, electronics, technology, and medical.

CNC milling is just one of the many custom manufacturing services provided at our CNC machine shop in Colorado. We provide world class support and guidance for our customers and the best technology and CNC machines. We offer extremely tight tolerances and CNC machined parts with precision beyond what most industries require.