The Benefits Of A Machine Center For Rapid Prototyping

The development process of a new product includes multiple phases of experimenting and testing, which can only be done correctly if a proper prototype has been created. You can utilize several different methods for rapid prototyping, but when it comes to quick delivery and short preparation time, using a machine shop for CNC rapid prototyping is the best solution. We are going to discuss the benefits of rapid CNC prototyping in this article.

Increase Manufacturing Turn Around times

Rapid prototyping services dramatically increase the speed of completing a prototype project and get to production fast. In addition to actual production time, the short process includes the time spent on programming, material setup, and other preparatory activities. From the point of design to a finished or semi-finished part, the digital manufacturing we provide at Salco Global is the best method available.

It takes us less time to convert files from CAD to digital cutting files. Once the part is made, it can be measured, finished (painted, sanded, etc.), and shipped. In comparison, injection molding is faster per part, but all the preparation (tooling and approval process) takes more time than prototype CNC machining.


Another important advantage of CNC rapid prototyping is that it allows product owners to experiment with different materials and perform A/B testing due to the short turnaround time of the process. A quick change to the schematic no longer means a weeks-long delay in development!

A great range

Every industry can benefit from prototyping, especially those that require a finished product with precision and detail, such as aerospace, automotive, architecture, construction, and medical. When you use Salco Global for CNC machining for prototyping, you mitigate the risk of time-consuming and costly errors.

Rapid CNC prototyping is a great option for lower-volume production projects: CNC machining can be superior to traditional methods, especially when a customer needs less than 1,000 units. CNC machine-based manufacturing eliminates the need to make tooling and molds in advance.

How Salco’s 5-axis CNC Machine Center supports the prototyping process

Every company is looking to keep machining and production times to a minimum. Salco’s 5-axis machine center can cut turnaround times in half. Creating complex parts at a high capacity with 24-hour production capabilities. A 5-axis machine also simplifies the preparation process as it reduces setup time and potential errors.

By using 5-axis machining, you can also achieve higher prototype accuracy since it doesn’t go through multiple stations where each reclamping can compromise the process. 5-axis machines are more profitable for users and yield faster returns, even compared to traditional CNC machines, making them the best solution for rapid prototyping.

Since 1985, Salco Global has been creating precision components using CNC machining technology. Manufacturing tight tolerance precision machined components and assemblies is what we do best. Based on more than 3 decades of experience, we firmly believe our CNC machine center is the best solution for rapid prototyping.  Don’t hesitate to give us a call to get your free quote. We will be happy to help you!