CNC Machining For the Energy Industry

In 2021, the total U.S. energy consumption was equal to around 97 quadrillion Btus. This energy comes from a variety of different sources, including coal, nuclear, natural gas, and renewable energy. In order to keep up with increasing demand, the energy industry has needed to innovate highly efficient and long-lasting technologies. 

A crucial part of the success of this innovation has been CNC machining in the energy industry. In recent years, many organizations in the energy industry have turned to CNC machining for its many advantages. Read on to learn more about how CNC machining in the energy industry is used and why it is such a vital component.

Uses of CNC Machining in the Energy Industry

cnc machining in the energy industryConventional turbines and generators rely on fossil fuels to generate power for homes all over the country. These units are made up of thousands of components, some of which are huge and some of which are incredibly small. In order to successfully build these machines, highly specific, close-tolerance parts are needed. That’s where CNC manufacturing comes in.

A typical CNC machine can produce parts up to 0.005” tolerance. This is about 1/10th the thickness of a typical plastic ID card. Some machine shops like Salco can go up to 0.0001” tolerance, 1/10 the typical thickness of a single human hair. This precision enables them to continue producing parts for the energy industry.

CNC machining can also be used to cut and shape the wide variety of metals that are needed in the energy industry. Because the temperatures often reach unbelievable levels, unique materials are needed in order for the parts to be practical. Often, this material is titanium. Since CNCs can cut titanium quickly and efficiently, they are uniquely suited to the needs of the energy industry.

CNC Manufacturing For Green Energy

CNC machining is not just used to produce parts for fossil-fuel generators. Solar panels, windmills, and hydropower turbines all also require the kinds of highly specialized components that CNC machine shops like Salco excel at producing. 

The massive blades on windmills need to be precisely designed to fit in with the engineering requirements. As with the ball bearings used within the wind turbines. Hydropower turbines have many of the same requirements as traditional generators. Furthermore, solar panel parts such as the frames and rails used to hold the panels at the perfect angle are ideal for CNC machining. 

With CNC manufacturing, you can produce these kinds of precision parts with the right materials quickly and efficiently. The parts that come out of our CNC shop are uniquely precise and free of errors. Additionally, because of the wide variety of materials that can be used in a CNC machine, organizations can ensure that the parts they receive are strong and durable.

The Salco Difference – “True Value”

Salco Global is a leader in CNC machining in the energy industry. Our precision machine shop was established in 1958, and we have the experience and technology to exceed your expectations. Here, we are dedicated to providing our customers with “True Value.” True value means understanding your processes, problems, and needs and then delivering services that are ideally suited to your energy industry component production needs.