Benefits of CNC Lathe Machining?

If you are looking for a CNC machine shop and have CNC lathe machining is right for you then there are a lot of things to know. Firstly, what are some of the main advantages you can get with a CNC lathe machining instead of a manual one?

Secondly, knowing the main types of CNC lathe machining and how to choose the right machine shop will save you a world of pain. So if you’re ready to know more about CNC lathe machines and the benefits this type of machining can add to your production, read on.

Benefits of CNC Lathe Machining:
  • Fully Automated: Since CNC operates on computer language, you don’t need a human telling it what to do by moving its spindles around. We can produce hundreds or even thousands of similar dimensions with just one design. Once the design made from CAD software is put inside the machine, you don’t need to supervise it, the machine will keep producing the same design.
  • Versatility: Automated CNC lathe machining is very versatile, it can produce almost any type of part or product, from medical devices to auto parts to aerospace parts and precision tools, everything can be machined quickly and affordably in our precision CNC lathe shop.
  • Excellent Accuracy: When manual labor is involved, there is a chance of human error – the accuracy could suffer. This is never a problem with the CNC lathe shop and experienced machinists operating the CNC lathe. We offer 2 to 9 axis machining with our CNC lathe machines to provide a multitude of options for high volume manufacturing.
  • Efficiency That Saves Money:  By using a lathe machine shop like Salco Global you can cut production times and cost. We offer high efficiency, tight tolerance, lights out production that can improve delivery times and save you money.
CNC Lathe Types:

There are mainly two types of these machines, whether it’s a CNC metal lathe or any other material-based. The first one is vertical where the workpiece rotates in more of an upright position just like the movement of a pottery wheel. This allows the spindle to reach and cut unreachable positions and angles. This kind of machine is used on bulky and heavy materials that are so big that cranes are used to load them.

The horizontal ones are the typical CNC lathe shop machines as they’re commonly found in workshops. They rotate the workpiece cylindrically and while it rotates, the machine operates on it using different tools to give it desired (programmed) shape and design. The chuck in these holds materials vertically and these machines are typically needed for lighter workpieces.

Choosing the Right CNC Lathe Shop:

Machine Quality:

We only use top-quality CNC lathe machines, we are confident one of our 13 specialized CNC Lathes with the latest technology will fit your needs.

Ability to Work with Multiple Materials:

We offer precision lathe machining on a wide range of domestic and exotic materials including aluminum – brass – beryllium copper – castings aluminum / stainless steel – Inconel – plastics all types – stainless steels all grades – monel – MU – titanium


We have been providing the best quality machined CNC lathe parts since 1985. We have a rigorous training program and ongoing education and training for our highly qualified machinists to ensure the best workmanship possible. So with our experience, CNC machines with the latest technology, and expert machinists it would be hard to find a better CNC machine shop for your CNC lathe projects than Salco Global

Parting Words:

There’s no doubt CNC lathe shop like Salco Global can do wonders when it comes to pumping out batches of close tolerance, precision machined parts. We take great pride in using the latest CNC lathe technology and providing the highest quality precision parts to our customers.

We always make sure to first assess your needs, the kind of materials you are looking to use, and the type of products you’ll be making, and then we will provide an estimate to complete your project with the best precision and productions times available. Give us a call to get started!