The demanding field of Aerospace we  are the leader in providing customers with aerospace components of unsurpassed quality, at competitive prices and always, on-time delivery.


Our unique, vertically integrated micromachining and finishing capabilities enable us to manufacture the newest implant and medical device component designs for you. With every manufacturing run, we ensure the highest quality for your finished medical products.

High-Speed Contour Milling

We use the newest technologies for high-speed milling. With more than twenty 4-axis and 5-axis vertical milling machines and 15 Willemin-Macodel 7-axis contour milling machines, our company is one of the largest providers of single-operation machining in the United States.

Swiss Micromachining

Our highly trained staff of engineers and operators has the experience to take your project from prototype to full market requirements.

Assembly, Welding and Packaging

We provide final cleaning, assembly, welding and packaging capabilities

Electropolishing Services

Salco has the ability to electropolish using both manual and automated systems. We are committed to continual investments in electropolish technologies